Obama isn’t so cool anymore. His fickle friends are starting to turn.

 Barack Obama is broken

Once loyal left supporters are now saying to Obama, “We’ve had it with your ship.” Suddenly anything Barack is broken. The very image of Obama is starting to engender feelings of prices and negativity where it is seen.


Any news organization that wants to make money his finding that being in favor of Obama doesn’t necessarily make money. Barack Obama’s policies are not making sense. This doesn’t mean that Newsweek or John Stewart are going to be singing praises of the Mormon candidate but you can’t help but notice that a formerly fawning media is starting to pick apart the president like a pool full of sharks on a fresh carcass.

 jobless rate above 8%





You’d think the fact that that the media establishment has spent the last 48 hours obsessing about the comment of one Republican senatorial candidate was huge news. Akin’s comments have served to highlight the difference between the candidates and a fringe element like Akin.

 Democrat desperation


Obama would much rather see Gingrich or Santorum as his opponent because he could use either one of them to scare women. He can’t possibly score the way he could have with one of those candidates with Romney. The left takes every morsel and nugget that they can and tries to capitalize on it but the nuggets are miniscule and the Democrats are starving for material to use in their negative campaign.


It is clear that the abortion stance of various Republicans are across spectrum and that Romney is in an acceptable position in that spectrum. Meanwhile everyone knows that Aiken’s position is extreme and mommy is nowhere close to that position. The Republicans have also successfully employed the metaphor of a piggy bank and the fact that Obama has been robbing the payback piggy bank of $750 million to fund Obama care resonates with voters.


Meanwhile in California, there is a move to rename the San Andreas Fault to Bush’s Fault.


Adam Smith thought he was championing a cause but he gave a mean face to yet another contrived controversy. A conservative Christian business owner re-affirms his beliefs and up goes the straw man to be crucified. The reasoning? He contributes to so-called hate groups. Their offense? They have the audacity to help gays who want to be straight. It’s fine to disagree with that premise and side with the unproven argument that gays are genetically predisposed to be gay, but that’s a far cry from hate. Anyone who disagrees with any particular agenda of gay-activist attempts at thought control falls into this broadening category. Disagreement or dissenting views, even if backed by 6 or 10 or 14 thousand years of history are verboten. You will be branded as hateful if you take any position than the one you’re told is acceptable. A perhaps unexpected influx of people who saw it a little differently showed up to exercise free market and free speech. Roseanne said they should all “get the cancer” and the whole thing started to fade out less than 24 hours later- until Adam Smith brought some hate of his own to YouTube. 

He bullied a very nice and very professional employee at Chick Fil-A. Give her a raise for her professional and civil demeanor!

Greg Gutfeld called it right when he said Smith became everything he was complaining about.

It’s hero vs. zero. Smith’s employer fired him. The universe corrects itself today.

Free water.

Free market.

Free speech.

Works for me.

And Adam Smith delivered a TKO to this whole contrivance.


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