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On November 9, 2009, in Nidal Hasan, by Dave

I’ve read that the US had intel on Hasan’s attempts to contact Al Qaeda. Our government now knows that Major Hasan is a homegrown terrorist. The arguments that he was a fragile personality, distressed, dissatisfied and felt that he was harassed because of his religion bear no weight- he committed the act after shouting Allahu Akbar because of his own choices and his own decisions about how to express his religious views when it came down to an impasse over wishing to quit his service to the US Army in order to remain true to his religion. His emotional condition or mental fragility was taken advantage of by purveyors of radical ideology. Their rhetoric is aimed at such souls as Hasan. The seeds began to be planted years ago. He attended the same mosque in 2001 as two of the 911 hijackers. Witnesses are now coming out of the woodwork regarding Hasan’s extremist views, some citing Hasan’s inappropriate injection of his political views into courses during his studies in 2007 and 2008.

While still stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical center, Hasan gave an hour long lecture to colleagues in which he said that non-believers should beheaded and have boiling oil poured down their throats. (Times UK Article) But perhaps a quick thinking liberal would say that was merely Graysonesque rhetoric. His colleagues didn’t think so.

The time bomb was ticking. Last week it exploded when the inevitable conflict between his military service obligations and his religious views collided.

Meanwhile, senator Lindsay Graham, The General at Ft. Hood and countless politicians including Obama, commentators and journalists are whining that the right will jump to conclusions and overreact to this “isolated incident” that had absolutely nothing to do with Hasan’s religion.

Just what sort of folks are motivated to commit terrorist acts? Those who are perhaps emotionally unstable, impressionable, fragile egos in need of a better image of self, seeking to place their religion as the ultimate authority over others, even others in authority over themselves, right?

If Hasan had yelled, “In the name of Jesus!” you can bet he would be instantly branded a neo-con Christian terrorist regardless of how pathetic a character he turned out to be.

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