April 27, 2011: Now that the White House has released a long form birth certificate for Barack Obama, the so-called fringe element, “birthers” will fade into the background. Perhaps the long delay in providing the longform certificate was to propagate and keep these folks in the foreground by allowing for just enough honest doubt to keep the thing going. Why else would anyone want to keep that issue going for so long?

Well, now that all this time and effort and energy have been wasted over one of America’s most stupid issues in the last three years, there is nothing left to provide distraction from the most idiotic conspiracy group still running around, and in recent times running, the country. That group is the “truthers”  including some not so fringe names like: Edward Asner, Richard Falk, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, Catherine Austin Fitts, Richard Heinberg, and of course presidential advisor, Van Jones. Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura appeared on The View in March 2010 and espoused truther views. These views overtly center around the left’s notion that the Bush administration planned and sought for any means possible to invade Iraq- a theory laden with the ideological chaff of the left with or without the 911 component.

More recently, another The View airing hosted Alex Jones, truther and conspiracy theorist in chief, who diverted a conversation originally defending friend Charlie Sheen to an attack on the Bush administration, blaming them for 9/11. interestingly, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg did not walk out on the outrageous commentary by Jones. Evidently, it was more acceptable than the comment that Muslims attacked us on 9/11. Jones had launched into a tirade saying that Charlie Sheen did not kill one million people in Iraq and that he wasn’t involved with the takedown of building seven in New York.


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