Obama is chiming in every time it isn’t his turn.

Romney in Debate


If Obama’s Strategy Was Working

On October 16, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Dave

Obama claims gas prices were low because the economy was about to collapse. Says Romney will lead us back to same economy but Obama’s economy is very tepid and weak.


You’re paying more at the pump bottom line. Pipeline from Canada blocked regardless of the excuse.


How much federal land has the government really authorized?

What Obama says he’s tried to do is remain consistent. Obama has shut down more coal.

Somebody fact check this clown. Chevy Volts are draining tax dollars.

 Obama isn’t answering the question. They cut leases when oil companies didn’t fit some arbitrary schedule?


Presidential Debates Arguing Oil

On October 16, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Dave


Vast right wing conspiracy in cahoots with oil? Obama knows whose ass to kick. The American consumer.

Obama claims more drilling authorized? Not on Federal Land



One day after Pres. Obama promised on the campaign trail, “I will never turn Medicare into a voucher…” We now learn that the administration is moving 2 million seniors in 18 states to a mandatory voucher program.

Surprise HHS pilot program to send 2 million poor seniors from Medicare into   voucher programs  Hot Air 

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Is Jerusalem the Capital of Israel or Not?

On September 6, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Dave

Recent debate over the location of the capital of Israel can be easily settled if one only follows the norms of acknowledging a capital.

 1.  The country declares its capital. This was done in 1950 by Israel. It declared Jerusalem as its capital.

 2.  When in doubt, refer to number 1.

 If clarification is still needed, perhaps this Google search will help you:

Capital of israel  Google Search


Yesterday a verbal vote had to be taken 3 times to even approach what sounded to many like a 50-50 proposition rather than the two thirds majority required by Democratic procedural rules to get language mentioning God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel placed back into the official Democratic platform. As if the controversy wasn’t in itself damaging enough to the party–that they had left, no, removed God from the language of the platform entirely and also declined to affirm Jerusalem as the capital of Israel more than once in recent weeks, the voice vote was another catastrophe because by many accounts they failed to actually get the two thirds vote required and the dissent of the nays was profoundly strong and when the resolution was passed anyway the stadium was filled shouts and boos. 


A story buried for a few years has resurfaced as of late. Reputable sources at the time who are now deceased said they heard Bill Clinton say to Ted Kennedy while on a golf course together, while trying to persuade Kennedy to endorse Hillary Clinton for president, “A few years ago this guy would be carrying our bags.” Had it been Rush Limbaugh the story would never have died the way it did for “America’s first black president.” Kennedy went on to endorse Barack Obama. 

 Carrying our bags 1


Obama isn’t so cool anymore. His fickle friends are starting to turn.

 Barack Obama is broken

Once loyal left supporters are now saying to Obama, “We’ve had it with your ship.” Suddenly anything Barack is broken. The very image of Obama is starting to engender feelings of prices and negativity where it is seen.


Any news organization that wants to make money his finding that being in favor of Obama doesn’t necessarily make money. Barack Obama’s policies are not making sense. This doesn’t mean that Newsweek or John Stewart are going to be singing praises of the Mormon candidate but you can’t help but notice that a formerly fawning media is starting to pick apart the president like a pool full of sharks on a fresh carcass.

 jobless rate above 8%





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