The Debt Star
Obama gave a speech in PA yesterday citing a whole trillion dollars of savings if he can just get his Debt Star health care tax reform out of the gate but that horse won’t run. First, according to the CBO, that trillion dollars is only $100 and change. Second the CBO says the trillion of savings attributed to the second decade is meaningless because it’s impossible to project anything meaningful past ten years.  It’s hobbled and broken footed before its debut. It’s a legislative travesty, the equivalent of derivative trading on the stock market. You sign off on this bill even though it isn’t law and we could do anything we want once you hand it off to us, and we PROMISE we’ll make it look like you want it to. This is a Kamikaze mission to be sure. Ideologues in our government have a wild eyed fix on ramming this takeover in every way and every place possible to the American public.

This isn’t reconciliation and it isn’t about a budget process that stops a filibuster. This is a perversion of the purpose and intent of the reconciliation process according to its own creator.

This is a reckoning and someone is going to pay. The question is, us or them?

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