The Snarky Prez and The Bush Tax Cut Extension

On December 9, 2010, in Obama, by Dave

The other day, we all heard about the tax capitulation compromise between the White House and the emboldened Republicans who, along with a posse of fiscally sober Democrats, forced persuaded the president to consider the alternative to being pushed over a political cliff along with his entire party for once again, screwing over the entire American public- that means you and I. A two year kicking of the can down the road, extension of the Bush tax cuts, which the rest of us recognize as our current, standard tax rates, was the inevitable product of a house in disarray but with enough self-preserving or sane folks left to do something to stop an avalanche of tax increases from hitting everyone like a broadside torpedo, courtesy of our current government-at-large.

Now enter God President Obama, to condescendingly chide virtually everyone. More name-calling, the tired but favored political weapon of choice (it’s so close at hand). Now all the Republicans are some kind of rogue hostage takers? What about the Dems who held this card till the last minute, holding an entire country hostage to, “If you don’t go our way, something terrible will happen?”

The president then turned on his own with a few more words intended to chide and rein in anyone else in his way, calling them “sanctimonious.”

Apparently, the only one righteous in this entire affair is Obama himself.

It seems that Obama is not so much cerebral as he is snarky and condescending toward anyone who disagrees with him. Even now as I play this video in the background, I keep hearing the words “I” and “my” incessantly repeated.


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