The protracted inaccessibility to Obama’s long form birth certificate seems to have been the ultimate disctraction, and perhaps the Democrats wanted it that way. An apparently effective distraction over the last 2 1/2 years- the mere obfuscation of Obama’s birth certificate distracted on two levels, both levels to the benefit and advantage of the Democratic Party. Firstly, the supposedly lacking long form birth certificate provided opportunity for the Democrats to create a pseudo-class, “birthers”, to counter the far more egregious “truther” lunatic fringe so closely associated with the left that it threatened to become a millstone around the neck of the Democrats if left unchallenged. The birther pseudo-class provided much needed ballast against the growing number of adherents to the notion that the events of 9/11 were planned and executed by the Bush administration. The “truther” cause was a long-standing quasi-mainstream sentiment that made its way even into government circles as was evidenced by the untimely departure of Van Jones.

What better way to counter this problem than to create an artificial controversy? Was the birther fracas nothing more than another head-fake by a very opaque Obama administration? With the liberal media on their side, it was likely to be the recipient of far more of the spotlight. With ample enough justification for concern the whole artificial controversy came unraveled when Trump called their bluff. Now the truthers- far more lunatic and far more outrageous, stand alone.


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