A lot of what is legal or illegal depends on the scope of the law in a given sovereign state. In light of recent events in the death of Osama Bin Laden, the common sentiment here in the US, a sentiment with which I fully agree, is that we have a right and an obligation to pursue Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan and deliver justice–justice itself being a legal construct. The fact that we carried out this operation in another sovereign state without their consent, knowledge or permission would make the act illegal in the eyes of 190 million Pakistanis.

Of course, Pakistan, our sworn enemy paper ally, frienemy? Has once again found themselves sandwiched betwixt much of their own people, a good portion of their own military and the US, their so-called ally that continues to foolishly feed them cash. Not wanting to incite a revolution in the streets, and the subsequent rapid overthrow of current leadership, Paper Pakistan has disavowed all knowledge of and cooperation with our mission. Pakistan could, if they were so foolish, take their stance on to the UN and charge the United States with an illegal act. The rest of the UN thuggery would gladly pile on. Since the left is calling on the US to get out of Afghanistan because of Osama’s demise, I say go ahead as long as we also get out of the UN and get the UN out of US.

Now, looking at the way we obtained intelligence in order to track the fugitive down, many would say that intelligence was obtained illegally because their disagreement with waterboarding but the fact is actually that the method was completely legal and stood up to the legal tests and framework at the time. Further, although lawmakers (like our beloved Nancy Pelosi) tried to deny or obscure their own knowledge of the interrogation methods, it was carried out with their consent.

At the end of the day, we’re a sovereign state and it’s time to put on our sovereign state pants and deliver a strong message to the rest of the Islamic hard-liners that the terrorist jig is up and aligning with militant, civilian attacking ideology and methodology is a fast track to destruction. We should take advantage of our momentum and rout the entire Al Qaeda organization as fast as possible.

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